Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I'm pretty sure we all look for signs from our loved ones who have passed. They may even be there and you don't realize.

As a mother who has lost a child I find myself constantly looking for reassurance that Ryan is ok. In my heart I know he's fine and I know he's got family up there taking good care of him but sometimes it's nice to get a sign just when you need it. It makes this whole process a lot more bearable.

Last night my mom was working at the restaurant. They host a "Psychic Night" from time to time. Last night Theresa Caputo was there. She went around reading the customers for about 3 hours. She read some of my other family who was in attendance but never went to my mom with anything. My mom went up to her after she was done with the patrons.

Mom: Theresa, about my grandson? (that's all she said to her -- nothing was mentioned the whole night about the night Ryan was born)

Theresa: Oh, he's with your mother. She was there for the birth. He went straight from your daughter's arms into your moms.

Mom: Thank you -- and she starts to walk away.

Theresa: She's going to have other children you know.

Amazing. So much validation in such a short conversation. I so needed to hear that. I'm so glad that I'm lucky enough to have gotten that information. It's a huge comfort to know that on a night that was so difficult we had someone there watching and taking care of us.

So to my Grandma -- thank you for taking such good care of my sweet boy. I knew you would.

And to Ryan -- I hope she spoils you like she did me -- and be a good boy. I love you.

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