Thursday, November 10, 2011

Picture Day

Today we went and got new family pictures done. We also had some done for AJ's 2nd birthday. I was looking forward to updating the frames in the living room but as today approached and it got closer to the time for our appointment I became more and more sad.

I remember sitting on the couch with Nick while I was pregnant with Ryan and looking at those pictures. "I can't believe there will be 4 of us when we have those done again" There are 4 of us but only 3 are in those new pictures. We gave Ryan a special tribute in them so he could be apart of them too. It was hard taking a picture of me and AJ though. I should have had a child on each hip. It's things like this that still really get me.

I just found this online and wanted to share. It was written about handicapped children but this part seemed to fit us...

When a child is born that will never achieve worldly success, cannot provide the usual source of pride for his parents, all extraneous reasons to love him fall away and what's left is the purest love that there can be. These children are lovable not because of what they do for you, and not because of what they will one day become, but simply because they are.

I love you my sweet boy.

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