Monday, November 7, 2011


I've been in contact with one of the Social Workers who work on the L&D floor. I first met her while I was in the hospital after Ryan was born. Then I called on her to help me when I couldn't find a therapist. She was so wonderful throughout those few weeks. After that I thought I would contact her again to see if we could help improve a few things for other parents who will unfortunately travel down this same road. She was so excited to have my input and I was glad to share it.

With her blessing and encouragement I reworked the resource list that they include in their bereavement info. The one that was being used had incomplete and outdated info. There were also so many great resources that weren't included. She had to go through the proper channels, but it was finally approved for use. This week she used it for the first time. It's so incredibly bittersweet. I'm so glad that others will have the info to help them but I'm so sad that the list needs to be used at all. That means another set of parents walking out of that hospital empty handed and broken-hearted.

We're also working on setting up something so we can speak to her boss. They are currently revamping their program for pregnancy/infant loss. We're hoping that hearing my experience will make a difference. Who better to tell you what helped and what didn't than someone who's been there?

I'm also going to write something about Ryan. I've been struggling with this for a bit. What a huge undertaking. I'm so excited to spread his name and have even more people know him but I'm so nervous that what I write won't do him justice. I want to do my boy proud.

I've so enjoyed being involved with all of this. It's given me something to focus on. I've gotten so much out of this...I only hope that the people receiving the new info will get something out of it too.

So to K., thank you for being in my corner. I hope this is just the beginning of progress and I hope this is something I can be involved in for years to come.

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