Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Four Months

Four months and here we are still dealing with my health issues. I pray with all of my being that this is the end of it and we can start looking ahead to a healthier me.

Four months and I still miss his as much as I did that first day, those first hours.

Four months and some changes have been made. Over $4,000 was raised for March of Dimes. The hospital will (hopefully) soon begin using the new resource list I compiled. Nick and I will get to speak to some administrators at the hospital to let them know what needs to be improved and why. We'll also meet with the social worker at the hospital to possibly include a letter about Ryan in the packets they give to other babyloss families.

Four months and not a day goes by that I wish that we were meeting him for the first time this week.

Four months and I've tried really hard not to think about the "what-if's" and the "I wish we would have known". It's torture and it still happens from time to time but deep down in my heart I know we did everything and looked for everything we could have.

Four very long months...

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