Monday, September 12, 2011

And a good Monday morning to you

So our plan today was to go to the hospital to speak to someone in person about the bill we received for Ryan. I called (at 8am when they opened) to see if there was going to be a manager or supervisor available to talk to. I found out the billing office is not on site and I would have to do this over the phone.

The lady on the other end of the phone (who I've spoken to numerous times about some of the many bills I've received this year) asks for the name so she can pull up the account.

Me: Last name is Ippolito

Lady: Patients first name

Me: Ryan

Lady: OK, so it's for the newborn?

Me: *total silence*

Lady: For the newborn?

Me: Well, that's just it -- you see, my son was born at 21w5d gestation...

Lady: Let me get you a supervisor

Me: (in the best sarcastic tone I can muster) Yeah, thank you.

Supervisor: Hi, how can I help you?

Me: Well I'm having an issue with a bill I received. It's for my son and at the bottom of the invoice it says that it's being denied because he's not added on the policy.

Sup: OK, yes I see the claim was denied in July.

Me: (chocking back tears) Let me tell you that my son was born at 21w5d gestation and didn't survive. He lived for 55 minutes (officially -- we know it wasn't even that long). Am I supposed to add him to my insurance for that?

Sup: I am so sorry.

Me: And I want to know why I'm receiving this bill almost 4 months later.

Sup: Well the claim was denied in July. I show that we sent something out then.

Me: No, we never received this. I would remember. I save all of my bills. I've been in the hospital more times than I can count this year and I'll be back for another surgery on Friday. I know we didn't receive this. I've been getting bills in drips and drabs. I only received the bill for my delivery 3 weeks ago.

Sup: I don't know why you didn't get anything. It does show that we sent it out. It does show a zero balance on that bill so I'm very sorry you received it.

Me: Well I just wanted to let you know how I felt when I got that in the mail. And I want to know what is going to be done so another family doesn't have this happen to them. We've been the example for many things over these last 4 months that have not been handled properly. This can't happen again.

Sup: This phone call will take care of that. I'll make sure of it. I can't even imagine. I'm so very sorry.

So needless to say her Monday morning didn't go as planned. And I hope that this does take care of this issue but who knows...

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