Monday, December 12, 2011

Funny Boy

I've told you how AJ makes me/us smile every day. Lately he's been hysterically funny -- and he knows it. He's at the age where he does things for a laugh. it's amazing what he retains and remembers. You don't even realize he's paying attention but he's always listening.

Have you seen that commercial with the people in the mini van that break out into Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train"? Yeah, AJ does that. One morning over the monitor we hear "bum bum". Nick and I look at each other "that sounds like that commercial". Next we hear "ay, ay". Yup, definitely doing the commercial. I don't even know when he's seen it or how many times.

He's a huge RIT hockey fan. He'll chant RIT every chance he gets. He's starting to know the other chants too. He even does the arm movement when "Jump Around" comes on at the Ritter. And now he'll actually ask to watch hockey.

Tonight we were watching Jeopardy. It's just starting the music is ending and the announcer says "This is...." and AJ goes Jeopardy! HUH?! When did he learn that?

Every day it's something new. I can't believe how fast he picks things up.

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