Friday, September 28, 2012

Face 2 Face in the news

Never in a million years did I think Face 2 Face Rochester was going to take off like it has. Everyone has been SO receptive of the group, it's really amazing.

We've had people pass along our information to others. Word is spreading like wildfire. In that same thought I figured why not contact some of the local media outlets and see if they'd be interested in telling our story and help to spread the word.

I sent three emails. One was to my town's local paper. One was to our local ABC affiliate and one was to the main Rochester newspaper. I got responses from all of them. And almost immediately.

The article in our local town paper was wonderful. We had a teaser on the front page. The article was very well written and we've received feedback and have been contacted because of it.

For the ABC interview I emailed one of the morning anchors. I knew her daughter was born with a very serious form of a defect. I also knew that she was involved with the March of Dimes just like we are. Who better to send the email to! I received a response right away. I was hoping for a taped interview or just a mention on air. Nope. She did better than that. She offered us to come in for a LIVE interview. I just about fell off of my chair when I read that. Me and Hayden's mom went in and did the interview. (Ethan's mom was still on bed rest with Ethan's little sister Emma at the time). It was wonderful.

Our "big" Rochester paper was a little harder to get in touch with. I had to send two emails. LOL. We were lucky that one of the reporters was working on a series about infant mortality in Monroe County. He jumped at the chance to talk to us. We figured we would be featured but can you imagine our surprise to see ourselves on the FRONT PAGE of the Sunday paper?!

The Perinatal Network of Monroe County contacted us and added us to their website's list of resources and even put us "in the spotlight" on the home page of their website. They've also invited us to their quarterly meetings to be more involved.

We've reached over 70 "likes" on our Facebook page too. The need for this was obviously there. We all knew that. I'm so glad people are taking it so seriously and have been putting us to work!