Monday, August 20, 2012

An AJ post

Obviously I post a lot about Ryan here but I feel like I've been neglecting writing about AJ.

At two and a half he has quite the personality. He's funny (and he knows it), he super smart (and yes I'm biased but other people have said the same thing!), he loves to snuggle. He'll climb in our bed in the morning and want to be covered up and watch tv. He says the funniest things. He hears something once and is able to use it correctly. The other day he asked me a question and I answered it. He replies "that's awesome!". He's too much.

He doesn't like to go to bed or take a nap. He'll use every stall tactic he knows. Then when we finally get in to his room he wants to read every book on the shelf. And then we rock and then he wants me to rub his back. "Mama, rub your back?" He still doesn't get the whole "me, you" thing when talking about himself.

He loves to quiz us on things like we do to him. "Mama, what color is that car? or "what number is that?"

We went through a stretch of "terrible 2's" but for the most part lately he's been so much fun. He makes us laugh and smile every. single. day.

And the best part -- he's a great big brother.


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