Wednesday, October 24, 2012

All for you

Dear Ryan,

It feels like it's been a crazy few weeks for some reason. I'm not totally sure why. Well I guess we have been kind of busy. We made a trip to LI where of course I got sick. I thought I had avoided the cold that AJ and daddy had but nope. And since we've gotten home it seems we have had things to do everyday. I feel like I'm still playing catch-up.

Tonight I did take time to have our F2F meeting though. We had a couple of new people come. I'm glad that they did. I really enjoy the group we have. We laugh and cry. It's the best medicine anyone could prescribe.

Jack's parents came and told us all about him and his birth. I knew after hearing their story that you were sending me a little message. They mentioned that they were preparing for Jack and they were given the book that I asked the social worker at Highland to order. I remember telling her "even if it helps one person" and tonight I was lucky enough to hear that it had. Thank you for that.

We also got to meet Easton's mom. I think she fits right in with our group and we're glad she came. we're all looking forward to seeing her again soon.

We tried to have a lantern release for all of you guys on Saturday. It didn't work out as planned as I'm sure you know. I can imagine you all watching and laughing at us trying to get them to light and float in that wind! Hayden's did make it and Ethan's went a little and then landed in the water. Hey, we tried, right?  :) Next time we'll stick to balloons!

I'm doing all of these things for you sweet boy. I know you've got a great group of friends with you because I've got their mommies and daddies here with me.

I miss you so, so much. And I love you even more. Forever and a day.

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