Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Death and Taxes

We've been getting all of our records together to get our taxes done. What a chore. We went through all of the medical bills from this last year. I know I lived it but seeing it on paper was overwhelming. I was so surprised how much emotion it brought up in me. They were just pieces of paper but it didn't matter, I was living it all again. All of the doctors visits, the tests, the blood work, the hospital stays...all of it.

Going though all of that stuff lead to a few hard days. I was sick with a cold and ear infection to start with. I was in a funk. I'm felling better today but man, does it suck to be like that. You want nothing else than to feel better but you just can't.

Tonight we went and got the taxes done. I tried to prepare myself. I knew there were going to be questions about Ryan. I was praying that we had the accountant who knew how to input the info correctly. Nope. Here we are again having to be someone's "learning experience". She was very kind and asked all the people she needed to without bringing them all in the cube to stare at us while they tried to find the answer. In the end it was done and all was figured out. She apologized for that part taking so long.

We're getting a refund so that's a plus. It'll help us pay off some of our debt and we can get close to being back to zero. We're working hard and we're getting there.

We're doing great raising money for the March for Babies walk. We're more than 50% of the way to our goal of $1000. If you're thinking about donating please do! Even if it's only $1 it all helps! You can click the link on the right side of the page and it'll lead you right to my page. It's that simple.

I've got dinner on Friday with Ethan's mom and Hayden's mom and I can't wait! There is cheesecake in our future!

I miss you, sweet boy. I love you. Forever and a day.

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