Friday, April 20, 2012


Just a few minutes ago I received an email. The subject line is one that I've seen many times these last few months. Every time I see it my heart beats a little faster. We had received a donation for Ryan's Racers. This time it was a big one! This donation put us at $5,000.

That $5,000 is made up of $5 donations from strangers to $500 donations from large companies and everything in between...we even had some people donate twice and three times! Everyone has been so generous. And it's not over. We still have donations that have been pledged that haven't been received yet. 

I was asked once what my ideal job would be. I said I wanted to be a volunteer. I wanted to be financially sound enough that I could find a cause that I'm passionate about and pour my energy into it. Why not work to make a difference in something? Something that you think needs the attention.

I wish with all my being that I didn't come to March of Dimes the way I did. I'd give anything to have Ryan back. I'd give anything for any of these parents to have their kids back. I can't do that so I'm doing what I think is the next best thing. I hope with all of the hard work that everyone has been putting in and all of the dollars raised that someday there won't be parents out there like me. Every baby should be born healthy and have a chance to live a full life. Ryan didn't get to do that here but I hope he's doing it in Heaven. I'm doing my best to make a difference in his name.

To date in Ryan's name we have raised $9,248 for the March of Dimes. It's eleven months tomorrow.

Ryan -- thank you for helping me find my place. I'm so proud to be your mom.

I love you sweet boy. Forever and a day.

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